January 15, 2017

Holiday Events Recap


Guys! What a wild ride.

Let me tell you, I tend to dive straight into things. And in theory doing 6 weeks of events (while still working full time at the day job..) sounded like fun. No days off for 2 months, ah, I’ll be fine. But it was crazier then I had even imagined.

Honestly, every show provided me a unique and special experience. I had the opportunity to meet incredibly talented local business people. I also talked to so many awesome people who are supporters of local business.

NovemberĀ Events

First I hit up the Parkdale Flea, which was my first show ever back in October. I had a good time there with a decent turn out. It was nice to start the holiday tour off with a familiar spot. Very laid back vibe in a cool area.

Next up, was two weeks at Arta Gallery in the Distillery District, where the Christmas Market was in full swing. I have to be frank here, this was the most beautiful spot I had a show. The gallery has constantly rotating artwork, and it was intimate but not too crowded. They provided individual lighting which was a nice touch too.

Here, I met Kyle from Second Voyage Vintage and my candles are now stocked in his shop! You should definitely stop by if you’re in the area. His shop is super cute & located at 246 Queen St. E and Sherborne.

December Events

Bellwoods Flea was a super quite day. The event changed location at the last minute and was in a bit of a dead zone. I only sold 1 candle to someone I don’t know. But there was a vendor spinning some records and did a Death Cab for Cutie throwback.

Then, I spent the last two weekends, 6 days total, at The Shops at Don Mills hosted by Toronto Urban Collective. I was super excited to be apart of a show with TUC, the only drawback was that it was an outdoors show! It was really difficult doing an outdoors show but its a really cute area. It would be an awesome space for a summer event and would go back in that case. But again, I got to reconnect with some business buddies and make some new ones.

I had one really special conversation with a man at this show.

He came over to me and was asking me about what I make. He inquired about the scents, so I went through them all with him. Then he mentioned he liked the packaging. So I went into my schpeal about how it’s based off artifacts found in King Tut’s tomb. He went quiet and looked me in the eyes. He told me that when he was about eleven years old he had three books about Tut that he would pour over constantly. I told him that I had one book that I loved and it contributed to my idea.

He politely said thanks for my time and continued around the market. Being able to trigger a happy memory like that was enough for me to be content. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes the man came back and purchased a candle for his wife. I just thought it was really touching for me to be able to conjure a memory and have that man be able to share it with his wife.

In Summary

Overall, it was great to meet everyone. It was helpful to get so much feedback and to start getting awareness. I was super nervous when I did my first show in October. I literally applied on a quick whim of confidence, then instantly started panicking. And continued to do so for 10 days while I prepared. After the first show I went into each show with open expectations of what was going to happen. Trying to be in the moment and be thankful for each person to have interest and learn from each conversation with other vendors.

It was a whirlwind, and over the past few weeks I took it a bit easier. This post is long over due, perhaps almost outdated at this point. I mainly wanted to say Thank You to everyone who supported me! There areĀ some pretty cool projects in the pipes and I am excited to share them with you.


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