July 27, 2017

Tenfed Collaboration Candle

Last year, when I was doing a string of holiday events, I had the pleasure of being set up across from Tenfed at Toronto Urban Collective’s event. We were outside at the Shops at Don Mills. It was freezing, we were all miserable but trying to pretend like we weren’t. Anyway, we started chatting about our businesses and on the first day we met, we decided to do a collaboration.

Mike used to work in the corporate world and Kory had a landscaping company. They went to a Tony Robbins event and came home knowing they wanted to get into the  Social Enterprise sector. Talking to them on that first day, their passion and enthusiasm was infectious.

As for me, I have worked in the restaurant industry for many years, and took a course from Ryerson “Food Security” about how the food systems are skewed. All my life I have been feeding people, and on the flip side I know how much food waste there is in the restaurant industry. I felt so strongly about joining with Tenfed to be able to help our next generation.

For each item sold, 10 meals will be donated to children in need though Kids Against Hunger Canada.

The meals that are being provided consist of: white rice, fortified, crushed soy (52% protein), a blend of 6 dehydrated vegetables and 21 vitamins and minerals. It took almost 3 years to develop this specific blend. Food scientists strived to provide a source of easily digestible protein, carbs and vitamins needed by an undernourished child. The only ingredient needed to prepare one of these meal packages is boiling water.

KAHC - 2016 Food Distribution Canada

Kids Against Hunger Canada donates 2/3 of the meals and gives 1/3 to Canadians. This is an image of where the meals go in Ontario. With your support we can help KAH Canada to create a viable working charitable organization effective at bringing people, funds and resources together in an effort to supply Canadian charities with the necessary supplies to eradicate hunger in critical and needy areas.

Kids Against Hunger Canada has packed 1,812,984 meals to date.

Tenfed has been able to provide 45,000 to date

As of writing this, two weeks after launching our candle, we have provided 90 meals.

You can find our candle at:

Serenity Now’s Etsy shop

Toronto Designers Market

Serenity Now’s Events

Keep an eye out for it on Tenfed’s online shop and events.




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Kids Against Hunger Canada

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