September 27, 2017

The Baby Show

This past weekend SNC was set up in the Etsy Junior section of The Baby Show! This is by the far the largest show we have yet to be apart of. It was at the Enercare Centre at 100 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto.

There were so many awesome products for both baby and mom. I may be slightly bias, but the Etsy Junior section was the best part. So many talented makers who created products to solve a problem they found when they had their kids or a better quality version of clothing or toys. It was super inspiring.

This was a great experience and good preparation for the One of a Kind Show, which is in the same location at the end of November.

Behind the Scenes Snaps

Setting up the booth and the final display. Although, I changed things up a bit to try to make it look better throughout the show.



The Baby Show Limited Edition Candle

I created a limited edition candle just for the show! It was a new small tin, 6 oz, with a lavender fragrance. The inspiration behind this candle is my second childhood bedroom. Each of the candles has a story behind the design and this is no different.

My first fully decorated bedroom when I was about 6 was completely pink. I was a tomboy and hated the idea of a fully pink room. I’m talking, the walls, the bedding, the wall paper, the photos even the CARPET! My mom had good intentions, I just hated pink.

After a couple years I switched rooms in my house. I remember looking though a Sears catalogue to pick new bedding. I chose a celestial dark blue and yellow set. My mom decorated my room so dope this time. The top half of the walls were a golden yellow, the bottom half blue with the skinny kind of wall paper separating them. It went so far as my friends buying me presents that would match my room. It was kinda my thing.

I added “to the moon and back” from the popular phase “I love you to the moon and back.” It was so fun to create this candle! I have a couple extra, so I’ll put them up in my Etsy shop.

The obligatory selfie! My sister bought a selfie stick for her trip next year. This was my second time using one and they are actually pretty fun. And thank you to my sister, Kaleigh for all your help with this show!!


The new small sized candles are also perfect for party favours, hostess gifts, wedding gifts, brides maids gifts and any other gifting occasion! Contact me about wholesale orders and even working together to create a customized label!

You can find me next at The One of a Kind Show at the Enercare Centre, from November 22 until December 3. I’m there for the entire show!

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